The Mystical Forest

“Never shall she wither and neither shall we.” - The Druids’ Vow


From the eastern fields of Everia to the western border of Zennegar lies a vast ocean of trees—the mighty province of Anador. Home to Sansea, the Mother Tree, Anador is an overflowing spring of life and vitality. Amidst the rolling Emerald Hills, the Mulgona Swamplands, and the myriad of wooded sanctums in between, Anador provides a home for all who seek peace and wellness in the shelter of its branches. At the province’s center lies its crowning feature: the Mother Tree. Sansea’s sturdy trunk stands half a mile wide and towers several miles into the sky, from which heights the Spirit has watched over her arboraceous domain since before the dawn of civilization. Nestled around her base and within a hollow of her trunk flourishes Anador’s capital city of Verdania, a testament to the magnificence of nature. The buildings of the capital are built entirely from living greenery woven into elaborate shapes for beauty and function.


The Fallen Empire

“The darkness descended from above - a great, swallowing void that scratched ash and fire into the sky. In just a single day, the Province of Elysia was no more.” - The Orcanor Scrolls


East of the verdant Anadorian Forest lies a Province of nightmarish contrast. Few places have seen more suffering and evil than the Scorched Lands: the power of the dark moon Umbra has blackened the ground, robbed rivers of fish, and filled the very air with smoke and volcanic ash. Twisted monstrosities wander the wastes, and only the hardiest plants grow on its wretched soil.

The Scorched Lands was born from two ancient evils. The first was the curse of Umbra, when the Dark Moon hurled the Black Shard into Elysia, destroying much of the Province. The second was the callousness of the Valorian Empire in turning away hundreds of thousands of Elysian refugees just to spite its former rival. These events gave rise to the terror that was Akhan the Calamity, Champion of the Dark Moon and Reaver of Arzu.


The Golden Plains

“The desert finds you out. Within its embrace, you will know the kind of man you truly are.” - Prince Septumar of Arrakesh

A majority of Uzir is a vast desert of undulating sand dunes and the occasional oasis. Its sparse vegetation would make it seem a foolhardy place to live in, yet the Uzirans have long adapted to this arid wilderness. Uzir has made its fortune in the jewel trade, mining them in bulk from the Southern Mountains and running trade caravans all across the continent. The Uzirans rely on these trade lines to help their people thrive. Uzirian cities are largely built around on an oasis. Arrakesh, however, built beside a mountain, on the skeletal remains of an ancient behemoth. Its horned skull forms the palace, its ribs the ivory towers, and its spine the encircling walls. Such an engineering feat took centuries to finish given the bones’ diamond-like hardness, but it paid off well in the end, with the invaders failing to break through the adamantine walls.


The Valiant Kingdom

“Great Everia. Once called Valoria, it is now a shadow of its former self, but still serves as a bastion for goodness in a darkening world.” - Encyclopedia Arcanium


Everia, Jewel of the Plains, a richly-storied land that was created when several Provinces broke off from the Valorian Empire near the end of the Great War. With the abdication of the Emperor, a new ruling party formed around the Ironmaynes—paladins who fought to keep the Province free of the Scorched Army. The Ironmaynes subsequently ruled for nearly 500 years.

Despite its diminished state, Everia remains a great power. It is home to some of the most valiant and respected fighters in the world of Arzu. Its lush valleys, rolling plains, and rivers allow it to feed the largest population in the continent. It boasts of the largest standing army in modern times, as well as the most powerful heavy knights and cavalry in the land.


The Lush Forest

“The Zennegarians never bring their fell beasts to the north, lest Zakar behold them and smite them with his lightning.” - Obliar Sparrow, Everian Scout

In Zennegar, the Law of the Wild prevails above all: only the strong survive, and everything else exists to nourish the strong.

Zennegarians are war-loving race, eager for battle and conquest. They have no fear of death and as such have little use for tactics or strategy where brute force will suffice. They understand that theirs is a fleeting existence, and are willing to take pleasure where they find it. If they are not fighting, they are feasting, drinking, or involved in some kind of merry-making.

Zennegar stands in stark contrast to its neighbor, Anador. Whereas the Anadorians seek harmony with Nature, the Zennegarians seek to feed on it to grow stronger. The Anadorians prefer order and discipline; the Zennegarians believe in aggression and unbridled emotion. As such, both peoples share an antagonistic relationship and skirmishes often break out on their shared border.


The Heart of Technology

“Our secrets must remain our own. Such power is better off with wiser hands, and none are wiser than ours.” - Miri Kingsworth, First Councilman


The province of Nova is a marvel of architecture and technology. Since its secession from the Valorian Empire at the end of the Great War, Nova has thrown itself into an unrelenting quest for technological advancement. The result is a remarkable 500 years of unmatched progress.

Novans have succeed in automating their farming process, leading to an abundance of food and a higher quality of life. With the invention of turbines, they gained the ability to harvest the sun, wind, and sea for energy to feed their cities. Turbine itself is known for its variety of tall steel towers forming the city center, with a network of smaller shops, garages, and workshops radiating outwards. Novans also harness their Arcana crystals to power their machines and weapons. All told, this level of advancement allowed Novans to become the best-fed, happiest, and wealthiest people in the Realm.


The Frozen Realm

“Furious as a storm wind, relentless as a glacier,
still as a forest, majestic as the Pole Star,
from south to north, only you reign supreme.”

- Ode to the Icegaze Clan

Norsca is a land of tundras, glaciers, ice floes, and an eternal winter. Most nights the aurora glistens in the sky, but in others, snowstorms turn it into a howling white landscape. Over the centuries the Frozen North has turned so inhospitable that few believe anything could survive there for long. But the hardy Norscans prove them wrong.

Subsisting on hunting, whaling, and what meager vegetation they can farm, Norscans subsist in an icy environment where others would simply starve. Their current High Chieftain, Ankmar Icegaze, fights a constant battle just to keep his people alive.