ARCANIUM:Rise of Akhan - Realtime VFX Artist [Contract/Remote]

Updated: Jul 1

A new & exciting position has opened up in our team, here at Supercombo, Inc. Apply NOW, we need you!

About the project:

Supercombo, Inc. is a fully-funded, 3-men indie game studio based in California. We are working on the next-gen Roguelite card game experience for PC, mobile and consoles. Our first game ARCANIUM:Rise of Akhan is currently available in Early access on Steam

ARCANIUM is an ambitious Open-world, Single-player Strategy Card game of epic proportions, that merges the "Roguelike" & "Deckbuilding" genres in many new ways. It is a tale of fellowship and bravery and is set in a fantasy world in which good, evil, magic and technology collide.

Here at SUPERCOMBO games, we are inspired by some of our favorite games like the “Lord of the Rings” LCG (Fantasy Flight), Dungeons and Dragons (Wizards of the Coast), Slay the Spire (Megacrit), Faster than Light (Subset Games), Hearthstone (Blizzard Ent.), and classic RPG games like Diablo (Blizzard Ent.) and Baldur's Gate (Bioware). We are also board games fanatics and relish in a good “Choose your own adventure” book. We wanted ARCANIUM to borrow some elements from all these amazing titles, genres and mediums. The result is a unique and genre-defining game that we hope will inspire you in return and scratch the nostalgia itch you may have for some of the games that we all played growing up.

About the position:

We are looking for a contractor available immediately, and working remotely. No need to be based in the USA, but we expect you to have a solid understanding of the English language, both spoken and written. We hold weekly meetings on Zoom and use Slack as our main communication tool, and would invite you to join us on both platforms.

As the Real-Time VFX artist on ARCANIUM, you’ll design and help implement the sleek, dynamic and dramatic special effects that add atmosphere and depth to our gameplay. With your experience, you’ll create aesthetically astounding visual effects that match the pre-established art direction for the game. You’ll use your artistic and technical skills to breathe life into our Card Abilities, Menu and Map VFX, elevate the game's overall look & feel and capture the essence of dozens on Heroes, Enemies and Bosses. As a VFX Artist on ARCANIUM, you will report to our existing team members. You will create VFX for new Hero abilities at high quality with minimal guidance. There is no other VFX artist position other than this one, therefore you would be solely accountable for the holistic ownership and execution of gameplay visualization. This means a strong willingness to be part of a highly inclusive, and collaborative team.


  • Familiarize yourself with the game ARCANIUM in its current state, first and foremost

  • Design new stylized VFX that match the ARCANIUM global aesthetic and that fit the existing vision and other pre-existing VFX

  • Adapt to a complete workflow that starts from concept, to implementing the effects in Unity

  • Create aesthetically astounding visual effects that communicate essential game information and capture the essence of our Heroes

  • Optimize each effect for mobile/tablet and respect a specific benchmark

Required Qualifications:

  • 3+ years’ experience in video games industry

  • Skills in 3D/2D Software - Maya, Photoshop

  • Experience creating stylized real-time VFX

  • Shipped titles as an VFX Artist

  • Proficiency in VFX fundamentals like timing, shape language, and color theory.

  • Knowledge of the Card game genre, ideally Hearthstone, MTGA & Runeterra, as baseline inspiration for the style

Desired Qualifications:

  • Knowledge of the Unity 3D workflow

  • Experience with advanced modeling like rigging and animating (Blender, Maya, Amplify Shader, Photoshop, etc...)

Requirements to be considered for the job:

As a part of the application process, you will be expected to provide a portfolio or demo reel of your work and may be asked to complete an art test. Please join to the introduction email:

  • A VFX real with current/past projects that demonstrate your aptitude in creating stylized Realtime VFX that match the ARCANIUM style

  • A quick personal introduction and a quick paragraph explaining your interest for the game and what you think you could bring to the team

  • A brief resume with past experience on other titles and at other studios


Apply by sending an email to

We are looking forward to hearing from you and taking a look at your application!


Remi, CEO of Supercombo, Inc.

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