The Fire Mage


Aurora is a member of  the "Ember of the Phoenix", a group of elemental mages, rarely seen across Arzu, as they preferred to keep to themselves, except when necessary. Elemental magic is powerful, destructive, and just what Aurora craves to exact vengeance on those who had done her wrong. Time with the Ember had helped grow her feelings of isolation and bitterness about what had been done to her, her family, and eventually as she learned, all of Arzu. She clasped elbows with the men in front of her, all parting ways to their own endeavors, but she knew where she was heading… not only for revenge against those who had wronged her, but to burn out the source of the corruption afflicting Arzu.


AFFINITY: Elemental & Light


The Ardent Paladin


Few come into Leon’s presence without feeling a certain sense of awe. At full height, the towering paladin stands six and a half feet tall, every inch of him covered in muscle. A red-gold mane surrounds his noble face and a faint scar lances down his left eye. He speaks with a voice once feels as well as hears, a rumbling that could turn into a roar at any time. It is a voice of a commander, one that brooks no disobedience.

Yet his most impressive quality is the aura of goodness surrounding him. His presence alone inspires hope among his allies and terror from his foes. The squires he trains look up to him not out of fear, but for leadership and guidance.


AFFINITY: Arcana & Light


The Duelist


Milady exudes grace and poise, even when pouncing around the arena. Her regal confidence may come across as snooty, but she has the skill to back it up.


Clad in a finely-sewn tunic, cape, and light leather armor, Milady prefers not to be weighed down. Enemies often judge her as innocent and frail due to her large eyes and slim frame, and that puts them off-guard long enough for Milady to draw first blood.


When Milady isn’t fighting, she tends to be bored. She examines her nails and yawns, waiting for more excitement. To keep busy, she ensures her fur and clothes are clean and presentable for whatever she plans on doing next, whether it’s having dinner with the King or scrapping with assassins. During a duel, she uses her tail for balance as she pounces here and there, her rapier striking a flurry of blows.


AFFINITY: Elemental & Arcana


The Ancient Arcanist


Mozebus may look like a crazy old tortoise—because he is. His eyes are always wide open so he never misses anything interesting, but it gives him the appearance of a happy lunatic. His big grin full of missing teeth doesn’t help. Nor does his sweeping white beard or long tuft of hair sprouting from the back of his scalp like a floating ponytail.


Despite his senile appearance, he is brilliant in the ways of magic and wears his knowledge like a decoration. Each scute of his shell contains an etched arcane rune from different magical languages from every Province in the civilized world. Both Arcane and Dark magic have their place on Mozebus’s carapace, since he considers magic a tool rather than something inherently good or evil. He also carries a dense grimoire clasped to his belt, which contains all the arcane knowledge he has accumulated in his worldly travels. He leans heavily on his twisted staff, which is also etched with runes. The spindly “fingers” on the tip of the staff clutch a violet-hued gem that shines with arcane power.


AFFINITY: Arcana & Void

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